4 November 2016 Broadcast

Thanks for listening to This Just in from Outdoors! Today on the show, we’ll hear an update on the fires in our region this season. We’ll review the transportation Measure D on the Santa Cruz County ballot. And we’ll hear what locals told the Coastal Commission about closing the CEMEX sand mine in Monterey county.

Plus a few environmental news headlines, a calendar of events,
and more. Stick around!


Measure D Transportation Sales Tax

Santa Cruz county voters are weighing in on a 30-year, 500 million dollar transportation sales tax that resurrects a plan to widen Highway 1 — an idea that was previously voted down in 2004. This time, the Highway 1 widening is packaged together in Measure D with public transit, neighborhood traffic and street improvements, and work on the Coastal Rail Trail, among other projects. Kathryn Palmer, dug into the details of the half-cent sales tax and the history of Highway 1 widening for her article in City on a Hill Press. She was interviewed by Ty Goering.

Locals ask Coastal Commission to close CEMEX sand mine

The California Coastal Commission has been meeting in Half Moon Bay this week, and they heard from a lot of locals who want them to issue a cease and desist order closing the CEMEX sand mine in Marina, CA, Monterey County. Some of the speakers they heard from are Katherine O’Dea, from Save Our Shores, Ed Thornton, a coastal scientist, and Kathy Biala, a resident of Marina.

Bill Monning: Loma & Soberanes Fires and CalFire

California Senate Majority Leader Bill Monning, representing Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo Counties in their entirety, as well as most of of Monterey county, visited KZSC this week. He was interviewed by John Sandidge on the Talkabout program which airs on KZSC, Wednesdays at 7 pm. Monning had just gone on a tour of the Loma Fire burn area and had a lot to say about the two billion dollar program to fight fires in California.